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Siemens QRI2 Infrared Flame Detector

  • $868.11

Infrared flame detectors for use with Siemens LMV5 Burner Controls, for the supervision of gas, oil and other flames that emit infrared light. The QRI models are suited for burners of any capacity, either in continuous or intermittent operation.


See Technical Literature here.



  • Detector with infrared-sensitive flame detecting element
  • Integrated flame signal amplifier
  • Designed for frontal and lateral (90°) illumination
  • Suited for use with burner controls type LMV5...
  • Secured to the burner with flange and clamp

There are two QRI2 models available:

  • QRI2A2.B180B - Frontal Illumination. 70" Cable with stripped end
  • QRI2B2.B180B - Lateral Illumination. 70" Cable with stripped end



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