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Siemens Cxx Couplings

Siemens Cxx Couplings

  • $125.00

Precisely connect Siemens SQM actuators to a valve or damper. The flexible coupling design minimizes side loads on the actuator and valve shafts due to minor misalignment, which helps prevent actuator binding and improves control performance and reliability. 


See Technical Instructions here.


  • Allow up to 3° of angular shaft misalignment to prevent actuator binding
  • Allow up to 0.063” of parallel shaft misalignment to prevent side loads on the actuator and valve shafts
  • High temperature versions available for FGR applications
  • Will accommodate English shaft sizes from ¼” to 1”
  • Will accommodate Metric shaft sizes from 10mm to 25mm
  • Zero backlash, torsionally stiff
  • Robust and flexible design
  • Maintenance-free

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