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 Pressure Switches


DG Gas / Air Pressure Switches


  • Monitoring of gas and air pressures (positive, negative and differential pressures)

DL Air Pressure Switches


  • Precision differential pressure switch

  • Monitoring of air, flue gas and other non-aggressive gases






Electronic Burner Control & Flame Relays

Automatic Burner Control Units (IFD)

Burner Control Units (BCU)


Flame Detector / Relay (IFW)


  • For signaling flame

  • For multi-burner control during intermittent operation in conjunction with automatic burner control IFS 110 IM




Pressure Regulators


Gas / Air Ratio Controls (GIK / GIKH)

Gas Govenors (GDJ / VGBF)

Relief Valves

Safety Over-Pressure Slam Shut-Off Valve






TZI / TGI Transformers


  • Electrical ignition of gas burners

  • Ignition and burner control with a single electrode possible







UV Scanners

UVS 10 UV Scanners

For monitoring gas burners of unlimited capacity with or without fan, on hot-air furnaces, gas-fired boilers, industrial furnaces and excess-gas flaring installations in conjunction with Elster Kromschröder burner control units and automatic burner control units.









Butterfly Valves

Gas Solenoid Valves


  • Safety valves for gas

  • Quick or slow opening with adjustable start gas rate







Pressure Regulators with Solenoid Valves


VAD, VAG, VAV, and VAH Pressure Regulators with Solenoid Valves


  • All-purpose servo regulator for gaseous media with integrated safety valve