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Siemens AGG5.3 Speed Sensor Kit

Siemens AGG5.3 Speed Sensor Kit

  • $218.04

AGG5.305 is a speed sensor kit used for monitoring the speed of a motor when using a VFD on an LMV3 or LMV5 linkageless controller. This kit is used to mount the speed sensor directly to the motor housing.

Available Kits:

  • AGG5.310 - Includes Sensor, 6' Cable, 41mm 3-finger speed wheel, and necessary mounting hardware. Range 300-6300 RPM
  • AGG5.305 - as above, and comes with 1/2” and 3/4” NPT conduit connections, and O-ring for watertight seal
  • Call or Email for information on Kits that include a 51mm Speed Wheel (AGG5.315)






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