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Siemens VGG10 Single Valve

  • $261.86

The normally closed VGG10.xxxU series of single body gas valves combined with SKPxx.xxxU series electro-hydraulic actuators to provide safety shut-off, gas pressure regulation and/or air-gas ratio control for commercial or industrial gas burners.

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  • UL listed, FM approved, CSA certified, IRI approvable, ISO 9001 and 14000 certified. CE, Australian and Japanese approved versions available
  •  ¼" NPT pressure taps on the inlet and outlet (see Table 2 for details)
  •  Stainless steel mesh inlet filter protects the valve seat as well as downstream components
  • Dual stem guides ensure precise disc alignment and tight shut-off
  • Valves in connection with SKPxx.xxxUx actuators open slowly and close rapidly
  • Contoured valve disc provides smooth release of gas and stable regulating control 


There are Seven available sizes of Valve:

  1. 1/2" NPT Valve VGG10.154U
  2. 3/4" NPT Valve VGG10.204U
  3. 1" NPT Valve VGG10.254U
  4. 1-1/2" NPT Valve VGG10.404U
  5. 2" NPT Valve VGG10.504U
  6. 2-1/2" NPT Valve VGG10.654U
  7. 3" NPT Valve VGG10.804U





All VGG10.xxxU valves can be combined with any SKPxx.xxxUx series actuator. The actuator can be mounted while the valve is installed and under pressure.

SKPxx.xxxUx regulating actuators are applicable for both low and high supply gas pressure applications, eliminating excessive regulator inventories. Maximum pressure ratings vary with valve size.

All VGG10.xxxU valves perform these functions in combination with each of the following actuators:

SKP15.xxxUx Safety shut-off
SKP25.xxxUx Safety shut-off and constant pressure regulation or zero governor SKP55.xxxUx Safety shut-off, pressure regulation and differential pressure air-gas ratio control
SKP75.xxxUx Safety shut-off, pressure regulation and adjustable air/gas ratio control

Since more than one function can be performed by a single valve, fewer components and fittings are required, significantly reducing both the size and weight of the gas train. In addition, smaller diameter gas valves can be used. For details on valve sizing refer to the flow charts

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