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Siemens SKP75 Gas Actuator

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The SKP75.xxxUx controls the burner manifold gas pressure as a function of the combustion air pressure. There is no need for an upstream constant pressure regulator when using an SKP75.xxxUx actuator within the acceptable pressure range of the VGxxx.xxxU gas valves bodies.

If the combustion air pressure exceeds the permissible value of 12" or 20" w.c. (see Specifications), the pressure must be reduced by means of a pressure reducing Tfitting AGA78.


SKPx5.xxxUx Features:

  • UL listed, FM approved, CSA certified, IRI approval, and ISO 9001 certified. European, Australian and Japanese approved versions available.
  • Proof of Closure with Over Travel (POC) option.
  • Optional NEMA 4 protection.
  • Visual position indication.
  • "Power on" indication light.
  • Quick connect wiring terminals.
  • Optional adjustable auxiliary switch.
  • Modular design with 360° actuator rotation for easy field wiring and installation.
  • Low, 10 VA power consumption.

SKP75.xxxUx Features:

  • Safety shutoff function, pressure regulating function and air/gas ratio control in one device. Adjustable gas-air ratio from 9:1 down to 0.4:1. Allows for ratio bias. `
  • Compensation for air temperature fluctuations.
  • Automatic compensation for combustion chamber back pressure fluctuations.

Available Models:

  1. SKP75.011U1 - 120 Vac with Proof of Closure Switch
  2. SKP75.012U1 - 120 Vac with Proof of Closure and Auxiliary Switch
  3. SKP75.012U2 - 230 Vac with Proof of Closure and Auxiliary Switch
  4. SKP75.013U1 - 120 Vac



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