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PCI U300 Timofier

PCI U300 Timofier

  • $163.80

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An Optional Component for 6642 Protectofier

Optional Control for automatic system purge and/or ignition trial timing. It actuates "flush-out" of combustible atmosphere before start-up. Timing cycle is non-adjustable once range has been specified. Plug-in convenience permits easy servicing inter-changing of timofiers with different cycles.

The Timofier provides purge time and ignition trial time. The ignition trial time is deducted from the motor time cycle (1/2, 1, 1-1/4, 2, 3, 4, and 6 minutes available for manual and automatic models; 10 minutes for manual model only) to purge the time.Standard ignition trial time is 15 seconds. Also available in 10-second and 5-second trial time.

U300M - Manual Timofier for Protectofiers without a Breaker, (6642 VT & 6642 VLT)

U300A - Automatic Timofier for Protectofiers with a Breaker (6642 VBT & 6642VBLT)

Select an Ignition Trial Time, and then a Purge Cycle time, that will combine to specify the Motor Time cycle. 


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