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Marshall Excelsior 1289H Back Pressure Regulator / Relief Valve

Marshall Excelsior 1289H Back Pressure Regulator / Relief Valve

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Available in settings ranging between 1 to 75 PSIG, the MEGR-1289H Series relief valve is a throttling relief valve used downstream of pressure regulators to protect the downstream system from overpressure. A smooth throttling action minimizes pressure surges in the system during emergency operation.

This unit features a pitot tube booster to achieve the highest possible relief capacity with a minimum buildup of system pressure.

The MEGR-1289H relief valve is installed between large second stage regulators and the burner to provide high capacity relief. They are ideal for low pressure settings due to the increased sensitivity provided by the large diaphragm area.

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Type: Adjustable / Inches WC or PSI
Max. Inlet Pressure: 100 PSIG (1” Body) 25 PSIG (2” Body)
Spring: Plated Steel
Inlet/Outlet: 2" NPT
Exterior FinishGray Powder Coat
DiaphragmFabric Reinforced Nitrile (NBR)     
Bonnet Cap & Bonnet / Body Material: 1” - All Aluminum, 2” - Aluminum Bonnet / Iron Body      


  • Throttling Type Relief
  • High Flow Rates
  • Compact
  • Reliability Due to Simplicity
  • Tight Shutoff


  • Fuel Gas Relief
  • Gas Gathering Relief
  • Downstream System Pressure Control
  • Low-pressure relief
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