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Flame Rod & Igniter R6062

Flame Rod & Igniter R6062

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Part# R6062 - Cross Reference:

AUBURN FRS-4(7.5"), CROWN CA435, MAXON 18117, CHAMPION AA67-7892-1

  • Part number R6062
  • "A" DIM - 9.54 REF.
  • "B" DIM - 7.50 Alternative lengths are available
  • Manufactured by North American Suppliers and tested to 10,000 Volts
  • Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted
  • Moisture sealed versions are available: order as R6062-1 via phone or email
  • Custom labelled part numbers and company names are available. If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer and wish to purchase custom labelled Flame Rods or Igniters then minimum quantities start at 50 units. Please call or email a request.

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