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Define Instruments LPI610 Surface Mount Display

Define Instruments LPI610 Surface Mount Display

  • $271.00

4-20mA input, loop powered, 6-digit LCD display that is protected against reverse wiring and accidental 24V supply



  • 10 readings per second conversion rate
    • ±0.02% accuracy of reading (plus 2 digits)
  • Character 6 may be set up to display units
    • Any letter from A to Z
    • Usable display counts will be reduced to 5
  • Backlight charges off the loop input signal
  • Locks to prevent tampering
  • IP65 rated for dust and water resistance
  • CE approved & 5-year guarantee

The Define Instruments LPI610 surface mount display is ideal for displaying a variety of process variables. It is easy to scale to different engineering units as required by your specific application. The LIP610 has been designed for easy installation; it mounts directly on the surface of the panel without taking up any space behind it.




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