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Define Instruments HVA-1000 High Voltage Attenuator

Define Instruments HVA-1000 High Voltage Attenuator

  • $38.00

Differential resistive attenuator that accepts a maximum of 1000VDC input and outputs a signal reduced by a factor of 1000



  • 1000VDC maximum input voltage
    • 3.8MΩ input impedance
  • 1000 (±0.1%) attenuation factor
    • 3.8KΩ output impedance
  • 50ppm/°C maximum ambient temperature drift
  • 35mm DIN rail mount
  • CE approved & 5-year guarantee

The Define Instruments HVA-1000 high voltage attenuator reduces a high voltage input to a low voltage output which can then be fed safely into most industrial instruments for measurment. It uses a unique differential divider to provide resistive protection to both the positive and negative sides of the output.

All Zen units with universal input are capable of accepting an attenuator input.


Accessory for:

  • Zen Data Logger
  • Zen iot Gateway & Data Logger
  • Zen RTU Mini Remote Terminal Unit
  • Zen RTU Remote Terminal Unit


Technical Literature:

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