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BELIMO AMX24-MFT95 Non-Spring Return Actuator

BELIMO AMX24-MFT95 Non-Spring Return Actuator

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Modulating, Non-Spring Return, 24 V, 135 Ω Input. Torque min. 180 in-lb, for control of damper surfaces up to 45 sq. ft.


For proportional modulation of dampers in HVAC systems. Actuator sizing should be done in accordance with the damper manufacturer’s specifications.
The actuator is mounted directly to a damper shaft up to 1.05” in diameter by means of its universal clamp. A crank arm and several mounting brackets are available for applications where the actuator cannot be direct coupled to the damper shaft.
The default parameters for 0 to 135Ω input applications of the …MFT95 actuator are assigned during manufacturing. If necessary, custom versions of the actuators can be ordered. The parameters can be changed by two means: pre-set and custom configurations from Belimo or on-site configurations using the Belimo PC-Tool software.


The actuator is not provided with and does not require any limit switches, but is electronically protected against overload. The anti-rotation strap supplied with the actuator will prevent lateral movement.
The actuator provides 95° of rotation and a visual indicator indicates position of the actuator. When reaching the damper or actuator end position, the actuator automatically stops. The gears can be manually disengaged with a button on the actuator cover.
The actuators use a brushless DC motor, which is controlled by an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). The ASIC monitors and controls the actuator’s rotation and provides a digital rotation sensing (DRS) function to prevent damage to the actuator in a stall condition. Power consumption is reduced in holding mode.
Add-on auxiliary switches or feedback potentiometers are easily fastened directly onto the actuator body for signaling and switching functions.
For low ambient temperatures, the optional supplemental (-H) Heater add-on is available.


Technical Data:

Power Supply 24 VAC, ±20%, 50/60 Hz, 24 VDC, ±10%
Power consumption in operation 3.5 W
Power consumption in rest position 1.3 W
Transformer sizing 6 VA (class 2 power source)
Shaft Diameter 1/2...1.05” round, centers on 1/2” and 3/4” with insert, 1.05” without insert
Electrical Connection 18 GA plenum cable with 1/2” conduit connector, degree of protection NEMA 2 / IP54, 3 ft [1 m] 10 ft [3 m] and 16ft [5 m]
Overload Protection electronic throughout 0...95° rotation
Operating Range 0...135 Ω, Honeywell Electronic Series 90, input 0...135 Ω
Position Feedback 2...10 V, Max. 0.5 mA
Angle of rotation Max. 95°, adjustable with mechanical stop
Torque motor 180 in-lb [20 Nm]
Direction of motion motor selectable with switch 0/1
Position indication Mechanically, 30...65 mm stroke
Manual override external push button
Running Time (Motor) default 150 s, variable 90...350 s
Ambient humidity max. 95% r.H., non-condensing
Ambient temperature -22...122°F [-30...50°C]
Storage temperature -40...176°F [-40...80°C]
Degree of Protection IP54, NEMA 2, UL Enclosure Type 2
Housing material UL94-5VA
Agency Listing cULus acc. to UL60730-1A/-2-14, CAN/CSA E60730-1:02, CE acc. to 2014/30/EU and 2014/35/EU
Noise level, motor 45 dB(A)
Servicing maintenance-free
Quality Standard ISO 9001


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