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ASCO K3A5 Direct Acting Gas Shutoff Valve

  • $154.20


  • 2-way normally closed operation
  • Die-cast aluminum bodies
  • For positive shutoff on pilot or main gas lines of commercial and industrial gas burners
  • Valves provided with 1/8" NPT upstream and downstream pipe tap with plug for routine testing
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures up to 175°F
  • Valve Response Time:
  • Opening Time: Less than 1 second
  • Closing Time: Less than 1 second


Part# K3A542U

Description: 1/2" NPT, N/C, 120V, 6 PSI MAX RATED, CSA 6.5 C/I

Part# K3A562U

Description: 1" NPT, N/C, 120V, 1.5 PSI MAX RATED, CSA 6.5 C/I


See Datasheet for the Asco K3A5 Gas Shutoff Valves here. 



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