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Siemens LME75/76 Burner Control

Siemens LME75/76 Burner Control

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The LME 75 is a microprocessor-based unit with matching system components for controlling and supervision of forced draft burners of medium to large capacity.
The LME 75 and this data sheet are intended for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) using the LME75 / LME76 in or on their products.

The LME76 is a future development unit with multi burner applications. 

The LME75/LME76 is responsible for commissioning and supervising 1-stage or 2-stage forced draft burners or forced draft burners with pneumatic/mechanical ratio control modulation in continuous operation.
Depending on the burner control, flame supervision takes place during continuous
operation with the following detectors or safeguard devices:



  • LME75.000A1 - AC 120 V
  • LME71.811A1PKG - AC 120 V w/ Program Module: PME75.811A1 and Plug sets
  • LME71.812A1PKG - AC 120 V w/ Program Module: PME75.812A1 and Plug sets




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