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Define Instruments Twin Link Point-to-Point Wireless System

Define Instruments Twin Link Point-to-Point Wireless System

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P2P-I accepts 2 universal isolated analog inputs & transmits wirelessly to P2P-O which converts them to 4-20mA isolated analog outputs


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  • 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, and 2 relay outputs
  • 2 isolated analog outputs, 4 to 20 or 20 to 4mA
  • 9 to 36VDC (2.5VA max) power supply
  • Transmits up to 0.9 miles line of sight
    • 300 to 500ft for interior applications
    • Go farther with antenna upgrade or repeaters
  • 35mm DIN rail mount construction, IP20 rated
  • Requires a USB Bridge Key in order to program
  • FCC & CE approved
  • 5-year guarantee


The Define Instruments Twin Link point-to-point wireless system consists of an input node and an output node which transmit signals over a distance for remote control and communication. The Input node has two universal isolated channels, accepting a range of inputs such as TC and RTD, mA and V, NPN/PNP, potentiometer, and AC current sensors. The Output node provides two 4-20mA isolated analog outputs for retransmission to PLCs and SCADA systems.

The addition of a repeater will extend the range of your Twin Link system by up to 0.9mi (1.5km) line of sight per repeater. Up to 15 repeaters can operate in a single point-to-point system, increasing the total possible transmission distance to 14.9 miles (24km). Both the Twin Link and repeaters when used with the supplied 3dBi antenna provide FCC approval, however upgraded antenna models do not. The WG-8dBi monopole antenna increases transmission range to 2.5 miles, the WG-12dBi provides 3.1 miles, WG-19dBi up to 8.1 miles, and WG-24dBi up to 16.1 miles. Signals will transmit through stud walls, brick and concrete, however the distance the signal will travel is reduced when obstacles are present.


Requires a Define Instruments Bridge Key Communications Kit

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